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Powering Business with Smart Knowledge Management

Empower your team with the knowledge they need to succeed


Questions meet Answers, Fast

Connect employees with questions to internal knowledge and subject matter experts in real-time.


Break Silos that bring Imbalance in your Growth

Centralize knowledge from every nook and corner of your organization and make it available to everyone.


Deep Insights, Smarter Decisions

Identify and retain subject matter experts, detect employee skill gaps and take effective decisions on workforce planning.


Integrate with Tools that Hold Critical Information

Discover mission-critical knowledge from apps you love, in one single search.

Ushering the AI Knowledge Management Revolution!

Welcome to the future of knowledge management!

At BHyve, we believe that knowledge is not just power, it is the driving force behind every successful organization.
With our cutting-edge AI-powered platform, we have re-imagined knowledge management to empower your business in four dynamic ways



Say goodbye to search fatigue. Gift employees 15% of their time, by making knowledge discovery happen in seconds.


Decode that 80% of Undocumented Intelligence which runs your business, and make sure it never leaves.


Drive performance excellence, apply insights, assess outcomes. Make knowledge your organization’s superpower.


Drive engagement by making knowledge sharing a personal goal for your employees.

BHyve Drives Knowledge Outcomes across Industries

BHyve Enables Employees across Moments that Matter

Driving clarity and assurance with the right knowledge at the right time.

Countering Knowledge Attrition

  • Remove people dependency
  • Inspire young minds with expert connects
  • Ease project handovers

Streamlining Onboarding Success

  • Educate about the company
  • Let AI handle newbie queries
  • Find everything and everyone in minutes

Empowering Sales Growth

  • Cut long sales cycles short
  • Document winning mantra
  • Centralise marketing assets

Enhancing Project Efficiency

  • Leverage historical success
  • Train teams faster
  • Avoid project overruns

"This platform has boosted team collaboration where peers learn from each other and they discover new colleagues that have certain skills and knowledge to offer. It has started benefitting us in terms of how we can optimize supply chains, find more customers and look at better solutions."

Jenny Wilson

Vikas Bhatia

Managing Director, Rieco Industries.

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Esther Howard

Esther Howard

CEO, Co-Founder

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Nick Wenirten

Nick Wenirten

Web Developer

More than 20,000 employees work better because of BHyve

  • AI you can Trust
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Web and Mobile Apps

Bringing you knowledge from every app you love!

Effortlessly integrate with your team's everyday tools, eliminating search fatigue, all while ensuring data privacy, security, and confidentiality.


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