Gamified Peer Learning

Our AI helps your employees gain new skills and knowledge from each other, in the most fun and engaging way!

Colourful graphic of employees helping each other up the staircase of success by sharing ideas
Colourful graphic of employees helping each other up the staircase of success by sharing ideas

A learning strategy that gets business results

Your business results is based on your employee productivity. Your employee productivity is based on their engagement. With BHyve, we help you achieve both employee productivity and employee engagement.

Why BHyve?

For Employees

BHyve helps employees get recognised for their skills and learn from their peers in a personalised manner. Our AI matches & recommends internal collaborators for your employees to learn faster and more effectively.

For Managers

BHyve reduces your external trainings costs by locating subject matter experts with the company. It also provides reports about your employee learning and engagement trends at the touch of your fingertips.

Peer learning is the most decisive and yet the most simple strategy to help your organisation unlock creativity, enhance employee engagement and increase revenue.


Chief Strategy Officer, BankIT

“Gamification, being interactive, counters the Lonely Learner Syndrome and is a great tool in making online learning more rewarding and engaging for employees”


Talent & Leadership Development Head, Trent Ltd.

“A known challenge for HR is the ability to collect, capture and analyse skills of employees. BHyve’s Skill Inventory is a unique solution that helps map employee skills against their interests and career aspirations.”


Global Employer Branding Lead, TietoEvry




Connect with an organisational psychologist to know how BHyve can help you tap into your organisation’s employee potential!