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Our Future of Work Technology helps CIOs to get access to the most valuable asset of their Organisation : The Wisdom of their Employees!

Reduce time to find Internal Knowledge


The Future of Work is Remote and employee inclusivity is dependent on their access to Tacit Knowledge.

With BHyve’s algorithms, relevant Tacit Knowledge can be provided at a click of a button to ensure no employee feels left out!

Launch Employee

Peer Learning Networks

Employees hate learning from the screen! But, learning from their peers, in an informal environment is 3X more effective!

Our algorithm matches compatible employees share skills and learn from each other in a fun and engaging way. 

Uncover Tacit Knowledge within seconds


Employees spend 20% work time finding answers to questions which a colleague knows. This time increases by 2.5X when employees are remote.

With our algorithms, we can provide employees with
questions to colleagues with answers, instantaneously.

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For companies to thrive in this battle of an uncertain business environment, they will have to stay agile to continuous workplace reshaping through re-skilling.
Unleashing the reservoir of organization-wide knowledge, building collaboration and interdependence will be a key lever in preparedness to embrace the future of work.

Unmesh Pawar
Former Partner, Head of People, Big 4 Consulting

BHyve has been instrumental in building synergy and ensuring a free flow of employee knowledge as our organization has embraced remote work this past year. We are noticing better employee engagement, higher productivity, and overall growth of employee wellbeing

Suhas Basakhetre
Managing Director, Prompt Personnel

When it comes to training, the traditional way has always involved bringing in subject matter experts and trainers. While subject matter experts work great for many, in our experience, imparting knowledge the ‘peer-to-peer’ way has worked the best, especially in this virtual work from home setup. Peer to Peer learning has not only helped bring our lawyers from across practices together but has kept them engaged, ensured the transfer of tacit knowledge and application of that knowledge. It has allowed members to learn from each other, practice and apply what they learn, get feedback on their work and also reflect on what they have learned.

Priyancka Dastur
Director, Learning & Development, Khaitan & Co.

High-performance businesses like ours knowledge-driven. That’s how we are able to close to the gap between knowing and doing. That’s where technologies like BHyve stand out, for their ability to swiftly make information accessible, and make our work less chaotic and faster than ever.

Satyajeet Limaye
Chief Strategy Officer, BankIT

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