About Us

BHyve evolved out of a simple question; “Which is the best way people can learn in a work setup?” To answer this, a programmer, an MBA and an organisational psychologist came together to devise a platform that transforms the way learning is approached in an organisation. 

From our experiences of working in diverse multinational companies, we realised that most effective and value generating learning happens on the job. We decided to explore a strengths-based learning platform that taps into existing sources of subject matter expertise within the organisation. Thus was born the idea of a gamified peer learning platform for the modern workplace.

Our vision with this technology is to create an approachable culture that encourages free knowledge sharing and celebrates altruism at workplace. We believe in simple design, cutting edge technology and user friendly deployment. We are not here to just build a valuable company; we are here to be your partners to ensure that your employees are happy, skilled and engaged.

Connect with an organisational psychologist to know how BHyve can help you tap into your organisation’s employee potential!