Knowledge Diffusion for Remote Employees

A Future of Work SaaS Platform helping Remote Employees with Questions to get connected with Colleagues with Answers, Instantaneously!

35% more Productive Employees

We source, democratise and document Tacit Knowledge to ensure your Employees dont spend time searching for information which can help them do their job faster & better!


Employees can post questions while working to get answers.


Our AI accurately identifies the SME to help their colleagues 

Remote Peer Learning Networks

Our recommendation engine will understand employee learning needs to suggest peers to enable them to complete their learning goals.




Capturing tacit knowledge is becoming challenging especially when most of our workforce is Remote. From a Strategy perspective , Tacit knowledge sourced from employees can help us take informed decisions. 

Satyajit Limaye

Chief Strategy Officer, Bank IT

Establishing Communities of Practice is central for corporations, especially as companies moving remote. Fostering a network of Peer Learning can create effective Communities of Practice

Unmesh Pawar


Peer to Peer Learning is mostly happening by chance. With BHyve, we are able to structure and create Peer Learning Experiences which has outcomes.

Monisha Basakhetere

Director, Prompt Personnel

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Why your team needs Fullstack Employees!

Why your team needs Fullstack Employees!

People are not your most important asset. The right people are.  Jim Collins, American Author and Consultant One of the most important things that sets organisations up for sustainable success is hiring the right people with the right talents. You need to find the...

Melting the Knowledge Iceberg at your workplace!

Melting the Knowledge Iceberg at your workplace!

In 1989, Japanese business guru Sidney Yoshida published a paper that got corporations to relook at their approach to Knowledge Management and how they understand and solve problems. This paper, ‘The Iceberg of Ignorance’ highlighted the knowledge problem was plaguing...

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