You need a Learning Experience Platform

The nature of work we do is constantly evolving. So are the set of skills needed for your business to flourish. To keep up with these needs, learning is best when it happens naturally – in the flow of work, and in a way that mirrors the real lives of your employees. 

You need a Workplace Learning 4.0 solution. Collaborative, Bite-Sized, Social, Mobile, On-Demand, Data-led and most importantly, Personalised. 

Peer Learning creates the perfect learning environment that directly enhances workplace culture and employee wellbeing and productivity, unleashes creativity and drives better business results for the organisation.

Science of Peer Learning

BHyve has been built on the foundations of core organisational psychology and new age technology. Our goal with BHyve is to transform the way learning is approached and offered at organisations and facilitate engagements that unlock value for both employers and employees.

Benefits of Peer Learning

Work Culture
Employees regard ‘approachable’ work culture as an engaged work culture. Requesting quick help over BuzzBox increases your approachability quotient at the workplace.
Employees perceive business leaders who offer autonomy as great. With BHyve, employees enjoy the responsibility and the freedom to learn and teach, thus improving leadership approval. 
Team Relations

The relationship between the learner and teacher is mutually harmonious and reinforces a sense of belongingness. BHyve helps employees build and foster such meaningful bridges. 

Training & Development
Investing in employee growth has a direct relationship with employee engagement. BHyve empowers the employee to satisfy his own learning needs and chalk his own growth.
Engagement spikes up significantly when employees are publicly recognised for their efforts. BHyve offers badges which can provide them organisation wide recognition
Engagement extends beyond compensation to include work life balance and a sense of community. BHyve’s allows skill exchange that focuses on overall employee wellbeing

Connect with an organisational psychologist to know how BHyve can help you tap into your organisation’s employee potential!