Use Cases


Create Centre of Excellence 

  • Enhance Shop Floor Camaraderie
  • Circulate Maintenance best practices across plant locations
  • Improve throughput through timely troubleshooting
  • Ensure Seamless Knowledge Sharing between veterans and new recruits

For Hindalco employees, knowing and being able to connect with Subject Matter Experts is extremely vital to business continuity and operational efficiency. With BHyve, they can instantly find experts with a quick search, and experts can share their knowledge seamlessly, making sure learning and business happen simultaneously.

— Mayuk Dasgupta, Hindalco Industries Limited

Information Technology

Ensures Quality and speed 

  • Facilitates Seamless Code sharing and Code Testing
  • Accelerate Speed of Delivery
  • Safeguard Against Talent Attrition
  • Organize System Onboarding of Fresh talent

We’re looking at the BHyve to improve continuity, faster time to delivery for our projects, standardising knowledge and enhancing employees engagement

— Abhishek Rungta, Indus Net Technologies 


Boost Innovation and Sales 

  • Enables Sales Outcomes of a medical Representatives through best practices
  • Unleash Innovation in Sales and development 
  • Standardise Quality across facilities through effective knowledge sharing 

With the increasing complexity of R&D, long product development cycles, increased need for pharmacovigilance and the human touch to sales and marketing, effective Tacit Knowledge Management and Peer Learning in the organisation through BHyve can be transformational for the Indian pharmaceutical industry. 

— Dr. Pramod Dhembare, Fidelity Health Service

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 

Supercharge Financial Security 

  • Empower customer success roles through timely guidance 
  • Empower customer success roles through timely guidance 
  • Share market insights connects learning and just-in-time input  Ensures timely compliance through shared best practices 

High-performance businesses like ours are knowledge-driven. That’s how we are able to close the gap between knowing and doing. That’s where technologies like BHyve stand out, for their ability to swiftly make information accessible, and make our work less chaotic and faster than ever.

— Satyajeet Limaye, BankIT

Professional Services 

Unlock Human intelligence

  • Build mentoring bridges between seniors with experience and juniors with potential
  • Maintain and nurture good talent to remain competitive 
  • Enhance outcomes of complex projects with the help of organised company knowledge
  • Maximise resource time by introducing just-in-time learning

Timely knowledge sharing, with our articles and associates, is critical in becoming a knowledge-led firm, as opposed to being a task-based firm. We’re using BHyve to keep our on-site teams connected with seniors and build accessible knowledge libraries that can be useful for deadline bound tasks like audits and filing returns.

— Mayur Zanwar, Kaloti and Lathiya CA